How to Book has been advertising holiday properties for independent cottage owners and holiday providers since 2001.

This website does not charge you a booking fee. Neither do we take commission from our advertisers so making a booking through us will fully benefit the property owners here in West Cornwall. All our advertisements are created and edited by us and we take care to know our owners.  You can see how long an owner has advertised with us at the bottom of each holiday property’s page – for example ‘Started 2006’.

(St Ives has a long tradition of holiday properties being managed directly by their owners going back to the 19th Century. They used to advertise in magazines like The Lady, then Radio Times, TV Times and Teletext, finally use the internet with in 1996, our parent holiday website.)

You have two options for booking your holiday.

1. Call any advertiser directly and book your holiday by telephone. Advertisers are always happy to take your booking by telephone.

2. Alternatively, book online and pay with a credit or debit card. Some properties you make an online reservation and then pay by internet bank transfer.

The Online booking process.
On the Availability calendar click on the price or the hatched change-over day to start.

    Select the length of stay. (Frequently 7 days)
    The price is then displayed.
    Add extras as appropriate.
    The next step you provide your details.
    Finally select the option by which you wish to pay.

All bookings are provisional/reservations until your booking request and deposit have been accepted by the property owner.
Advertiser who accept online bookings may offer a single payment method or a combination of methods as listed below:

  • A card payment gateway such as Stripe, PayPal or SagePay; or
  • Internet banking transfer (free of bank charges for the advertiser and for you);

If you decide to pay by internet banking the advertiser will confirm your booking once your payment has arrived. You select a payment method at the end of the booking process prior to payment.

You may prefer to use a credit/debit card but find that this option is not offered online by the owner. You can contacting the owner to ask if they have a PayPal account. When you pay online using 24:7Booking with a credit card through Stripe/Paypal/SagePay you gain statutory protection for your payment.

Online bookings are processed by 24:7Booking, a secure booking system owned and run by Chycor Limited.

Chycor Limited is based in Redruth Cornwall and has been providing online advertising for self-catering accommodation since 1996.

We establish relationships with our advertisers so we are happy to take your call on 01209 313907 or email if you have any questions or queries regarding a booking made with one of our advertisers.